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St. George, Utah is situated in the southwestern corner of Utah and is well known for its remarkable scenery, temperate winter climate, challenging golf courses, outdoor adventure, and very friendly people. The name of the city is often spelled "Saint George" but no matter how it is referenced, the area is a great mecca for adventurers, outdoor enthusiasts, and retirees, looking for a sunny and exciting environment.

This is a great place for hiking, golf, mountain biking, shopping, sports, and enjoying the sunshine. St. George is located near the Utah, Arizona and Nevada borders. Interstate 15 runs through St. George from Los Angeles and Las Vegas (1.7 hour drive) to Salt Lake City, Utah (4 hour drive).

St GeorgeSt. George has been inhabited for many hundreds and even thousands of years by Native Americans, but was first settled by Mormon pioneers (members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) in 1861. Brigham Young, known as the colonizer of the Utah territory, sent several hundred families to the region to raise cotton when it was less available during the civil war era. St. George was named for George A Smith, a Mormon Apostle, who was often referred to as a saint for his kind efforts among the pioneer and Native Americans. With the cotton growing efforts the St. George area took on the nickname of Utah's Dixie.

This city is uniquely positioned where three major biological zones come together. The Great Basin Desert, Colorado Plateau, and the Mojave Desert have all combined here in St. George to bring unique plants and animals together. The city elevation is 2,800 feet with surrounding plateaus and mountains, some of which rise over 10,000 feet. The Virgin River (from Zion National Park) and Santa Clara River (from Pine Mountain) come together in the southern part of the city.

St. George is surrounded by other neighboring cities such as Santa Clara, Ivins, and Washington. Zion National Park is 49 miles away by car and visible from St. George, and much of the terrain of the entire region is red sandstone that has been stained by oxidizing iron.