Snow Canyon State Park
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Snow CanyonSnow Canyon State Park:
Don't miss the opportunity to see Snow Canyon State Park.
From The INN at St. George turn right on the Boulevard (going west) and turn right on Bluff Street (about seven blocks away). Follow Bluff Street for approximately 10 miles to the norther entrance of the park. There is a fee to the enter the park (presently about $6.00 per car). You can view the park from overlooks just south of the main entrance without paying a fee, but we encourage you to drive down through the park, and take some walks or hikes on the trails, or play in the sand dunes at the southern end. Rock climbers love the cliffs on the south end of the park. There are lava caves in the upper section of the park that can also be explored.

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Sand HollowSand Hollow State Park: Many refer to this park as a mini Lake Powell because of its sand dunes, and red rock formations that comprise parts of the park. ATV riding on the nearby dunes is very popular, and swimming, boating, fishing, and sunning, are all popular activities here.

Gunlock & Quail Lake State Parks: These parks are great for boating and fishing. During summer months the water temperatures are also great for swimming.